21.04.2019: ADB tool 1.6.0
General purpose maintenance program for ABS databases. Supports BLOB's and graphic objects. Based on database engine: ComponentAce 6.05. Preferred database tool for our new production testers.
Download ZIP file: ADB tool.zip
25.06.2016: Terminal 9.0
Terminal for serial ports & sockets. Advanced tester for microcontrollers. ASCII/HEX with CRC 8|16|32 support. Terminal with VT100|VT51 terminal emulation. Sockets with TCP | UDP sockets.
Download ZIP file: terminal.zip
21.02.2011: Com51 4.0.2
Communications program for our 51-microcontrollers. Support for multiple communication protocols, also RPC's. Maintenance program for our controller products.
Download ZIP file: com51.zip
All our Free Software Products are simple EXE-files; you should know how to install them. We are not responsible if you blow up anything with these programs. Usually there is a short PDF-manual in ZIP file.